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What Should You Expect?

  • Professional Summit: Your gateway to a bustling hub of global business and innovative tech professionals at the TLV Sparks Innovation Summit. Join creative minds from Israel and all over the world to share groundbreaking ideas. You will be able to experience in the main hall the pinnacle of the summit with key presentations and discussions that shape the future.
  • Innovation Expo: Discover the latest startups, organizations, and company exhibitors showcasing their cutting-edge products and solutions.
  • Breakout Sessions: Delve into more focused discussions in smaller sessions, covering a range of intriguing topics.
  • Special Events: Explore events sponsored by companies, social gatherings, and the unique ‘Urban Experience’ integrated into Tel Aviv’s picturesque views.
  • “Peers & Beers”: Connect with your community through meetups at cafes and bars, fostering meaningful relationships.

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