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TLV Sparks Innovation Summit – April 10-12, 2024 (the “Event”)

General Terms:

·       The registration to the Event organized by Arrowmedia Israel Ltd. (“Arrowmedia”) and Arrowmedia co-organizers, including TLV Sparks Innovation Summit’s chairman, is subject to completing the registration process in the registration page.

  • The dates and times of the Services may be changed or updated after the registration. The Host undertakes to update about such changes.

  • Due to the fact that the Services are provided in collaboration with various companies and individuals and via a platform, in the event that the Host is unable to provide the Services because of any reason beyond its control, it has the right to cancel or postpone the Services upon its sole discretion.

·        All the content from any kind which will be provided during the Event is the intellectual property of Arrowmedia and you agree that by participating to the Event, you do not have any right in such intellectual property. You will not use, copy, photo, record, distribute, create, sell, or lease any part of the intellectual property in any means without obtaining the prior written consent of Arrowmedia.

·        The participant shall not adopt behavior which is prohibited. Prohibited behaviors include but are not limited to intimidating, abusive, discriminatory conduct; offensive verbal comments; inappropriate use of nudity; harassing photography or recording; intentional disruption to other persons.

·        The participant shall be in compliance with any laws and regulations applicable to the place in which the Event takes place, and its participation to the Event shall be at its own sole risk.

  • By participating to the Event, you hereby acknowledge that we may take pictures and videos of you at the Event, and you provide Arrowmedia with a license to use any of these pictures and videos for the purposes of the Event and the promotion of any future events.

Cancellation/Postponement Terms:

  • Cancellation by you: You are entitled to cancel your registration to the Event at any time.

In order to cancel your registration, a notice must be sent to contact@tlvsparks.com specifying the Registration date, Full Name, and Contact details of the Participant.

  • Cancellation/Postponement by Arrowmedia: Postponement or cancellation of the Event by Arrowmedia and/or change of display areas/name of the Event (a “Change”) will be at Arrowmedia’s sole discretion and for any reason. The Participant hereby waives any argument and/or claim and/or demand in this regard.

If the Event is postponed, the Participant shall register to the postponed event if he wishes to participate, and the original registration does not constitute a registration to the postponed event, unless decided otherwise by Arrowmedia.

  • Participation to the Event is subject solely to Israeli law. Unique jurisdiction over all disputes relating to the Services is exclusively awarded to the competent courts of Tel-Aviv.

  • You may send any questions regarding these general Terms of Use, or to receive support regarding the use of the Services (as such term is defined below), by telephone at +972 76-5390449. It is also possible to write to Arrowmedia at the following e-mail address: contact@tlvsparks.com.

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