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Zvi Yemini

Chairman, Shenkar, Israel

Zvi Yemini, born in 1951, is an entrepreneur, an industrialist, inventor, businessman and community activist Israel. Founder of The ZAG Industries Ltd, Hydro Industry and Polymer Logistics. Early life Zvi Yemini was born in Tel Aviv and grew up in the Givat Amal neighborhood. His father, Meir Yemini, was educated in Givat Brenner kibbutz, was an Irgun fighter and was the director of the aquarium at the Tel Aviv Zoo, and his mother Judith was an elite seamstress. His elder brother, Yoram Yemini, worked as an engineer for his companies, and his younger brother is journalist Ben-Dror Yemini. His maternal grandfather, Rabbi Shalom Yitzhak Halevi, was the Chief Yemenite rabbi, a member of the Chief Rabbinical Council and the Head Court Judge. Yemini was educated in the state run Miron religious school and later studied Electronics at the Kiryat Noar Boys Yeshiva in Jerusalem thanks to a full scholarship for gifted students. He spent his military service in unit 848 and was then annexed to the elite special operations unit Sayeret Matkal to provide support in the intelligence and communications fields. Upon completion of his military service, he studied Industrial Engineering and Management at the Technion ,and later completed a Master’s degree at Baruch College in New York, majoring in marketing, and also completed Executive MBA studies at Tel Aviv University . Upon graduation, Yemini worked at the Unitrol plant in Jerusalem and at the American Child Craft Company. In 1980, he was appointed Director of Research and Development at Keter Plastic, where he led to a fundamental change in the product mix under the leadership of by Sami Sagol. The last project he initiated was a line of garden furniture products that led Keter Plastic to capture its leading position in the international plastic industry. During these years, Zvi developed hundreds of other products, some of which are still manufactured today. Activities as an entrepreneur ZAG Industries Ltd In 1985, Yemini founded ZAG Industries (Stanley Works Israel) company for project development as well as research and development, together with partners Aharon Eden and Gideon Feiner, representatives of General Electric Plastic in Israel. During these years, Yemini was engaged in development, entrepreneurship and consulting for dozens of plastic factories, including additional development for Keter Plastic . In 1987, Yemini initiated the establishment of ZAG Industries company which focused on the development, production and marketing of toolboxes and products for the DIY industry. The company’s was distinctive in its innovation, design and sophisticated technological development. Within a few years, the company was operating in 60 countries and reached a turnover of $ 120 million a year. In 2000, Yemini won the Kaplan Award “as a mark of appreciation for founding the company and turning it into a growing and prosperous company, whose products enjoy a worldwide reputation for innovative design, excellent human engineering and reasonable prices”. The jury noted Yemini’s global strategy, which has made ZAG Industries company an international company. In 2001, ZAG Industries won the Outstanding Exporter of the Year awarded by the President of Israel. ZAG Industries company was issued on NASDAQ and in 1998 the company was acquired by the American company Stanley Black & Decker at a value of $ 120 million. The American PBS network selected ZAG Industries as an outstanding company for 2000 and sent a team to survey the uniqueness and innovation of the company. ZAG operates from Israel, through its factories in Carmiel and Migdal Haemek, and employs hundreds of workers. ZAG’s products have been displayed in design museums around the world, including the Museum of Art and Design in New York and the Design Museum of Chicago, as well as in the MoMA. Additional ventures In 2000, Yemini and his partners initiated the establishment of Polymer Logistics, which specializes in transportation solutions for the food industry .The company is headquartered in Migdal Haemek and employs hundreds of workers. The company has registered numerous patents, and its sales turnover has reached over $ 150 million a year. In 2002 he also founded Hydro Industries together with Steph Wertheimer. The company has developed a unique water-powered engine, with the Rafael graduates employed by the company. The company has manufactured millions of engines that have been sold worldwide. Since 2009 Yemini has served as the entrepreneur and chairman of TechCare Corp, a company floated on the stock exchange in New York. The company develops evaporation technologies invented by graduates of the Weizmann Institute and began to market its products in 2019. The company has registered numerous patents in this field. In addition, Yemini is a partner and investor in a number of other Israeli companies engaged in innovative developments in the fields of medicine, electronics, nanoparticles and propulsion. To date, the products that Yemini advanced and developed have been sold throughout the world for billions of dollars. Public Activities Yemini served as head of the Committee for the Promotion of Design and Innovation at the Ministry of Economy , served as chairman of the Plastics and Rubber industry division at the Manufacturers Association , as a member of the board of the Export Institute, and later was appointed as chairman of the Plastics Center at Shenkar College, a center employs researchers and operates laboratories featuring unique capabilities. In 2004, Yemini was appointed chairman of the Exhibition and Congress Center and, together with the company’s management, initiated and pushed for the establishment and renewal of the Exhibition Center with investments of NIS 600 million.[9]He also served as chairman of the Adopt a Soldier and served as President of Variety Israel. Yemini serves as Chairman of Shenkar College , a director of the Peres Center for Peace and innovation , and together with Chemi Peres and the Institute’s staff is leading the transformation of the Center into a hub of innovation for Israeli industry. Yemini is a guest lecturer at the Technion, Shenkar, Tel Aviv University and other educational institutions around the world. Awards Yemini was awarded the Kaplan Prize in 1998, the Israeli Export Prize in 2000, and the Manufacturers’ Prize in 2001. Personal Life Yemini is married to Ayelet Yemini, a clinical psychologist, and is the father of 4 children. 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