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Tal Kelem

Director of BD, Cyber and HLS Lead, BIRD Foundation, Israel

Tal is Director of Business Development, and Cyber and Homeland Security Lead at The Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation. BIRD provides conditional grants of up to 50% of a joint U.S.-Israeli project development, up to $1.5M per project. Tal explores for new technologies and companies and tries to match U.S. and Israeli companies for joint projects. Tal brings forth 35 years of entrepreneurship and high-level management experience. Prior to BIRD, he was the founder and director of the TheHive Ashdod accelerator in Israel (among the top 5 accelerators in Israel for 2016), an economic diplomat in Beijing and Taipei, VP Marketing in a prominent NGO, Sales director for Asia at Comverse, the biggest Telecom company in Israel at the time, and the founder and CEO of the most successful magazine ever published in Israel – “Massa Acher.” Tal mountaineered the Swiss Alps and the Himalaya, cycled the 1100 KM Israel National Trail, lived eight years in Asia, and published a book “Wives of Confucius,” which throws light on the social and emotional challenges of Chinese women in Asia.

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