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Prof. Irad Ben-Gal

Faculty of Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Prof. Irad Ben-Gal is the head of LAMBDA: The Laboratory of AI & Machine Learning Business and Data Analytics at Tel Aviv University. He wrote four books, published more than 150 scientific papers and patents, supervised dozens of graduate students and received numerous awards for his work. He held a visiting professor position at Stanford University and is currently co-heading the TAU/Stanford “Digital Living 2030” research initiative. Irad is a world-renowned expert in data science, AI and machine learning with more than 25 years of experience in the field, including close R&D collaborations with companies such as Oracle, Intel, GM, AT&T and more. He was the Founder, CEO and the Chairman of CB4 (“See Before”), a startup backed by Sequoia Capital that provides AI solutions to retail organizations (acq. By GAP). He is a board member in several startup companies that focus on AI applications, helping them to develop novel AI solutions.

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