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Nurit Harel

Co-Chairman, Fischer Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (Dr. Fischer), Israel

Dr. Nurit Harel is a second-generation industrialist currently serving as the Co-Chairman of Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. She is a pharmacist with a master’s degree in human genetics and a doctorate in biomedical sciences. Her expertise lies at the intersection of pharmaceuticals and cutting-edge research, particularly in the field of photobiology, with a specialization in all aspects of the interaction between the sun and the skin. Dr. Harel’s recent publications focus on the potential contribution of the skin microbiome to prevent sun-induced skin damage. Throughout her career, Dr. Harel has played a pivotal role in driving business alongside research and development initiatives at Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd, contributing to both the scientific and strategic aspects of the company. Her career includes serving as the Vice President of Research and Development at a dermatological biotech company and as the Chief Executive Officer of a drug development company. She is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and the International Society of Microbiota. Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Harel is actively engaged in various social and volunteer activities.

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