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Michel Prassas

Director of External Relations - Europe, Corning Inc., France

Michel is an accomplished professional with a PhD in Solid State Physics, whose extensive career spanning over forty years has been marked by innovation and strategic leadership, primarily with Corning Inc. Beginning in the early 1980s, he embarked on a journey in the Research and Development department at the Corning European Technology Center, playing a crucial role in the creation of groundbreaking products including photochromic optical glass, integrated optics, and glasses for large bandwidth optical amplifiers among others. His technical contributions have been pivotal in setting new standards in the field. As a Director in the Strategic Growth and later in the Emerging Innovation groups, Michel spearheaded initiatives that charted new paths for corporate growth. Presently, he oversees External Relations, leveraging his vast experience to foster impactful partnerships in Europe and Israel. Michel’s career is a testament to his dedication to innovation and strategic development in the tech industry.

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