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Michal Ansky

Co-Founder, Healing Grounds, Israel

Michal Ansky (born on October 11, 1980) is a gastronome, the founder of the farmers’ markets in Israel and the Namal Market in Tel Aviv. She was a judge on the Prime Time of Israeli television for 12 years and leads global public opinion in the field of culinary arts. In 2019, she suffered a stroke halfway through and after undergoing dozens of treatments and surgeries, she decided to dedicate her time to supporting others going through similar challenges. Ansky established a specialized rehabilitation center and is involved in the promotion, research, and development of advanced technologies in nerve rehabilitation. In 2015, Michal won the title of Dame of the Italian President for promoting Italian culinary culture in Israel. She presented her ideas at the TED conference, authored the best-selling cookbook “Home Cooking” published by Keter, and lectures on gastronomy at the Nutrition faculty of the Peres Academic Center.

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