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Maurizio Rossi

Co-Founder, Innovation Way & (Former H-FARM), Italy

About Maurizio Rossi: He is a passionate entrepreneur, been successfully involved in three major industries/sectors such as luxury, action sport and innovation technology. Curiosity driven and a keen observer to understand diversity in people’s cultures and mindsets by the impact of new paradigms and generations shifts to strategize new paths of applications. Maurizio holds various roles and delegated in accordance with his skills and experience as CEO, Board Member, Creative Vision-Strategist, Investment Committee, Mentor, Stakeholder formation, Branding, Supervision, General Business Development. Maurizio’s envision driving force is characterized by three elements that derive from his own experience, the influence of intangible values, gather likeminded communities. Convert intangible values into a tangible context. Foster a mindset and sense of belonging into a culture. Professional experiences: The last relevant and intense experience that saw Maurizio in the key role of Co-Founder and Co-CEO from 2005 to the end of 2021 was H-FARM. H-FARM was born from his pioneering idea of ​​contextualizing a place with a first-generation community of XXIst century entrepreneurs to launch digital startups inspired by the “H”philosophy (where H stands fo human-habitat- hub) to intersect Human needs and desires, with Hub multi-functionalities and Habitat as tangible experience. Maurizio determined the “Driving Force” of H-FARM becoming the vision- strategist to identify the strategic paths to be applied as new models as consequence of the mutations of economic ecosystems and markets. Adopting for the first time a concept of “Adaptive Model” which proved to be a fundamental element that made H-FARM unique for its remarkable ability and speed to adapt its development path to external changes but always in line with its identity and values. He left by term of office the executive roles of Co-CEO and Board of the holding listed on the public market and President of the H4human foundation between the end of 2021. H-FARM in its first 16 years has achieved consistent results that can be summarized -Listed on the public market on 2015 – Over €250 million invested so far in different levels (real estate, investment portfolio, acquisitions and general development) -Campus of over 50 hectares with a capacity of over 3000 people – Holistic education center which includes kinder garden, international k-12 schools, universities, masters and vocational courses covering up to 4000 students. -900 employees between all operating units, subsidiaries and schools -Incubator and accelerator for startups and Open innovation programs, deploying few private hubs to large corporates such as, Vault and ArtLab to Gucci, Henkel-X division, Wellness Venturelab to Technogym to mention few. – Portfolio of over 140 startups with direct investments and cohorts promoted by H-FARM including DEPOP (exit for 1.6 Bln) -Over 200 startup pilots for corporations through specific open Innovation piloting-solutions programs -Over 130 interdisciplinary Hackthons, by industry and corporate. -3 dedicated units to innovation services for corporations with skills and competences in different domains such as artificial intelligence, design, strategies, open innovation with annual revenues of over 50 million after only 5 years from the inception. -Over €8 million of GDP in the neighborhood that of H-FARM impact In the period 2003-2004, during the terms of a non-compete agreement, Maurizio launched the branch for southern Europe and the Mediterranean of and, the largest yachting and boating marketplace in the world. HQ in UK and Italy, reaching in 18 months over 250 professional organizations, by a selected team of expert in the yachting industry among brokerage, retails and yards. Between 1986 and 2002 Maurizio held the position of vice president and board member of the Rossi Group (Rossi family) operating in various sectors, mainly in the luxury sector with the historic footwear company RossiModa (acquired in 2002 by the giant LVMH), the sport retail and commerce distribution sector for sport and publishing by daily newspapers and tv network, assuming the responsibility for the supervision and development of new initiatives and business opportunities. Between 1989 and 2003, Maurizio founded an internal division in the Rossi Group (Vista Point) dedicated to action-sport business, by exploiting the consolidated organization as logistics distribution and retail structures of RossiModa, obtained exclusive licenses and agreements of some of the main American brands in this space for the European region extended towards the eastbound. The division operated with 10 Brands such as NoFear, Rusty, Spy optics, DC Shoes who formed the main nucleus of this unit, as well as 25 direct retail stores were integrated into this unit developing a business of just over 100 millions. Between 1986 and 1991 Maurizio began his career in the Rossimoda, family business founded in 1947, a leader in the luxury footwear sector characterized by the ability to manage licensed multi brands, with over 20 of the leading international fashion and luxury brands. He deals with commercial expansion and opening new markets, created the first distribution network in the Far East and the second HQ office in the United States. Furthermore, a role played by Maurizio was involved a conjunction role between the creative part of the style/design and the commerce one, which has always been historically in contrast. Multiple presence and roles in B.O.D. from family related business companies and Rossi group to several startups part of the portfolio incubated / accelerated at H-FARM during the period 2005 and 2021 with the role of supervise and mentor the delicate phase that triggers the early stages with the market growth. Served the board of H-FARM since its inception till 2021, supervising the strategic development and new business projects to activate.

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