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Karen Tal

Director General, Amal Network, Israel

As of September 2022, The Director General of the Amal Network, a nationwide educational network established in 1928 based on the values of the Histadrut – General Federation of Labour in Israel: To give every student an opportunity to study, work and acquire a profession and the opportunity for social mobility. The network is a true mosaic of Israeli society – Jewish and Arab, religious, secular and ultra-Orthodox, Bedouin and Druze. It encompasses dozens of middle and high schools, 14 colleges of technicians and practical engineers and a wide variety of adult education programs. It includes over 38,000 students and about 3,000 teachers. In my previous position, I founded “Insights in Education”, an organization that operates in the social and geographic peripheries of Israel for the purpose of creating a disconnect between students’ background circumstances and their chance of success. The organization, which was based on a holistic model that I developed and which we expanded, helped transform many at-risk schools into inspiring educational institutions. Prior to that, I served as the director of the Bialik Rogozin campus in south Tel Aviv, a school attended by children from 48 countries – Jews, Christians, Muslims, children of migrant workers and of refugees. During my term of service, Bialik Rogozin changed from a school that was in danger of closing to a winner of the National Education Award. I had the privilege of leading human rights organizations in a struggle that prevented the deportation of refugee children from Israel. We worked to regulate the status of the children of Immigrant workers and refugees; thanks to these efforts, they received Israeli identity cards. HBO documented the story in a film, “Strangers No More,” which won an Oscar Award. I have a qualified degree in education from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, I’m a graduate of the Maoz program and the Mandel program for leadership, and I’m a lecturer at Tel Aviv University in the department of education for master’s students. I hold an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree from Ben Gurion University, and won the Charles Bronfman Award for 2011.

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