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At a critical inflection point in the market where DPI and Packet analysis solutions have become obsolete due to 98% of traffic being encrypted and bad AI is creating new threats, CySight’s Deep AI allows you to see under the veil of encryption to identify and mitigate risks as users and attackers move in and out of your digital doorways. CySight baselines, detects patterns of risk, measures, and monitors every network asset and endpoint, on-premise or cloud, detecting cyber threats and high-risk outliers in real time with complete back trackability. CySight’s advanced AI-driven unified cybersecurity solution empowers security teams to safeguard digital assets across networks and clouds in the age of AI and encryption. CySight provides a Managed Detection and Response in a box with an Integrated Network and EndPoint Detection (NDR + EDR) and Forensics with unique scalability in retention of metadata delivering more than 20x visibility and detection compared to other solutions combined. CySight delivers enriched deep contextual insights, baselining, correlation enrichment, advanced threat detection, and a micro-segmentation zero-trust methodology identifying hidden threats such as infiltration, exfiltration, DDoS, ransomware, ToR, lateral movement, and insider threats for comprehensive protection of digital assets. CySight has partnered with Check Point, KeySight and Cisco and supports many other vendors with data enrichment at the deepest scale in the industry to enable enterprises to have a total visibility against all types of threats, real-time qualification, granular historical visibility of all traffic flows recorded for enhanced AI-Driven Integrated security forensics, compliance, trending, alerting and automated traffic diagnostics.

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