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Amit Kochavi

Chief of Staff for Economic Advancement and Strategic Development, Sderot Municipality, Israel

Amit is the Founder & CEO of, a workforce management platform specifically designed for the construction and manufacturing sectors. His early foray into entrepreneurship at the age of 15 led to the creation of Tech Lounge, a pioneering tech incubator that has since nurtured the talents of over 300 students and engaged 60 industry mentors, fostering a new generation of innovators. Following his entrepreneurial debut, Amit served in the Israeli Air Force, contributing his skills to the Ofek Unit, known for its cutting-edge R&D in military technology. This unique blend of technical expertise and leadership experience underpins his recognition on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. In a significant public sector role since October 7th, Amit has been advising the Mayor of Sderot, spearheading the strategic planning for the city’s comprehensive rehabilitation and growth initiative. His work is aimed at positioning Sderot as a central hub for technological innovation and economic development within the Gaza Envelope region.

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